Application of antistatic agents in auto interior material
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Auto interior is an important part of auto-body, the workload of interior system design occupy 60% above than vehicle design, far beyond the shape of the car, the interior system is one of the most important part of auto-body. Furthermore, driver and passenger have requirements on interior materials such as beautiful, safe, environmental, and comfortable in daily driving experience, which commonly requires dust-proof and antistatic performance on auto interior PP material.


Production Story of Javachem®AM


The growing environment-friendly product is the main driver for auto industry. Vehicle design and auto interior material reflect people’s attitude and change on ecology and environmental problems. The comfort of interior environment offer relaxed driving experience.

LMW antistatic agents are not compatible with relative HMW plastics, thus the antistatic agents will migrate to the surface of plastic and form a conductive layer. 


Comparison between Javachem®AM and current antistatic agent:


Formula: PP raw material, UV retardant, antistatic agent, talc.

Physical form: AM is the standard granule, no bridging and wall sticking, no dust, good for environmental cleaning.

Performance: AM is compounded with fatty acid ester and fatty acid amide, the formula is uniform and the performance is excellent.

Cost-performance: effective content of antistatic agent with 100% high purity, less dosage and cost than traditional antistatic masterbatch.


Application test of Javachem®AM


Application comparison of Javachem®AM


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