Solution to appearance of auto engine peripheral parts
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Javachem series black masterbatch is basing on organic aniline black, which is the most deeply black, deeply blue and transparent products in black pigments, it can be applied to injection molding, extrusion, and fiber processing, particularly suitable for glass fiber nylon materials. Meanwhile, it is easy to add, only need blending with base resin and stir evenly.


Product story of Javachem®PA-1066

Due to customers’ higher requirements of high gloss and mechanical strength, we developed organic-dyestuff-based black masterbatch system. Compared with previous carbon black system, it can better solve the apparent problems of black products made of modified reinforced materials such as PA, PBT, satisfy the strict product requirements of customers.


Core advantages of Javachem®PA-1066

  • Completely compatible between organic pigment and carrier resin

  • Deeply black, highly glossy and strong covering

  • For nylon fiber system, effectively avoid or reduce surface fiber floating phenomenon, which occurred by adversely reacting between carbon black masterbatch and coupling agent.

  • Little effect on mechanical and electronic properties

  • No influence on CTI index (comparative tracking index) (not pass CTI Test used by carbon black masterbatch).

  • Beautiful surface of product.

Applications of Javachem®PA-1066


                        water chamber of auto





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