Solution to lubrication and dispersion of HFFR polyolefins wire& cable
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Dispersant and lubricant for HFFR wires & cables

Reduce die buildup of HFFR materials

Enhance puller speed of ultra-thin cables, reduce torque and improve productivity

Functional group of HMW silicone innovated in HFFR wire & cable industry, can better disperse fillers such as aluminum hydroxide.


Product story of Javachem® GW-6125

Javachem® GW-6125 is HMW silicone with functional group, which is suggested to be used in high filling thermoplastic composite materials as multiple functional additives such as processing aids for HFFR wires & cables. The advantages include: decrease die buildup, reduce torque of high filling system when processing, increase the material’s impact strength, reduce surface water absorption of cable surface, improve surface scratches and defects, enhance oxygen index and reduce heat release rate and smoke.


Core advantages of Javachem® GW-6125

·         Granule form, easy to add in the production

·         No carrier, suit for all kinds of polymer systems

·         Effectively reduce die buildup, enhance puller speed

·         Excellent internal and external lubrication, improve rheological property, reduce torque.

·         Improve scratch resistance and defects of cable surface


Javachem® GW-6125 can effectively reduce die buildup.


Javachem® GW-6125 can effectively reduce die buildup, avoid bad appearance, enhance product quality and reduce waste rate.


Javachem®GW-6125 improve melt flow properties


Excellent filler dispersion of Javachem®GW-6125 makes it observably reduce melt viscosity, improve melt flow property, enhance puller speed, eliminate melt fracture when extrusion and improve surface properties.


Javachem®GW-6125 improve scratch resistance


The functional group of Javachem®GW-6125 acts as anchoring effect in resins, which makes high molecular polysiloxane uniformly dispersed on the surface without migration. It can effectively reduce COF, enhance scratch resistance, improve surface scratches and defects of wire & cable.


Javachem®GW-6125 observably reduce torque


Javachem®GW has excellent internal and external lubrication, which can effectively improve rheological property of filling system, observably reduce extrusion torque of filling system. With the same addition of 1.0%, Javachem ®GW-6125 can further reduce 12% of the extrusion torque than Javachem® GT-300.

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