Innovative eco-friendly plastic additive for food package
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Innovative eco-friendly plastic additive for food package

·         Based on polymerization technology of silicone and polyolefin, Javachem®GT can improve polyolefin

        elasticity, gas sealing and processing stability, efficiently avoid migration problem thus improving food 


·         Javachem®GT can efficiently lower surface COF of PP and PE stoppers, reduce its torque, with easy

        opening and odorless properties

·         Javachem®GT can improve surface sliding of wine bottle stopper, impart product surface with silkily

         touch feeling like velvet


Javachem®A-2000 is an innovative and most environmental antistatic agent. It is suitable for food packaging materials.

·         Javachem®A-2000 is an antistatic agent with highest dosage which demonstrates in the article of

        21CFR 178.3130 in FDA

·         Meeting the stringent requirements of customers on food packaging security with low odor

·         FDA approval, suitable for foods such as honey, chocolate cream, liquid sweeteners, seasonings,

        heavy and light cream, yoghourt, etc

·         Excellent anti-static performance even in low humidity

·         Excellent slip performance, good mold release and no tackiness

·         Wide application, suitable for polymer materials such as PP, PE, ABS, PS and PA

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