High-performance modified silicone gum for HFFR cable compounds
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High-performance modified silicone gum


Javachem®PSA is high-performance modified silicone gum based on copolymerization technology, which can effectively improve the compatibility of silicone and polyolefin materials and achieve a more balanced internal and external lubrication during the processing of cable materials. It has features of improved processing fluidity, decreased torque, enhanced throughput, reduced die drool, improved cable scratches and surface defects along with promoted surface gloss and smoothness.

When used in LSZH cable materials, Javachem®PSA can promote the dispersion of inorganic fillers, enhance product compactness, and improve flame retardancy.

Application advantages:

Contained special functional groups, better compatibility with polyolefins and more uniform dispersion

Balanced internal and external lubrication and higher stability

Reduced die drool and enhanced line speed

Improved surface scratch resistance and wear resistance of cable materials


Stability test with different additions of Javachem®PSA


Javachem®PSA has good stability with different additions.


Lubrication and stability test

(LSZH cable formula: 60%ATH FR system)


Javachem®PSA has both internal and external lubrication to improve extrusion stability.


Abrasion resistance test (placed for more than 48h, grind for 20 times, scratch observation)


Javachem®PSA has less abrasion which makes cable surface smoother without defects.

Javachem®PSA application test


Javachem®PSA can reduce torque, improve casting and enhance line speed.

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